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Metatron, as the archangel symbol supporting decision-making and risk-taking, can provide your company’s C-suite members or high end clientele with a wide variety of risk assessments – leading to business ventures, custom-made adventure tourism, whilst providing the aviation services and products required for any such endeavour.

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A Specialized Aviation Service Provider providing unique charter and transport services for both business and adventure travel to international niche clients.


A team of the Highest Caliber with experience in all theaters of risk assessment and protection services across various industries including Military, Corporate and Search & Rescue.


Experienced travel risk assessors  supporting both business and tourism to unchartered territories. Travel and aviation can be tailored to suit the Client’s specific needs and schedule.

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A Specialized Aviation Company Providing Unique Services to International Niche Clientele


We have the expertise and knowledge to consult in a variety of fields.


Planning your next trip? Let us take you on an adventure that you will never forget!

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